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Mecca, one of the pillars of the Arab world

There are who may think that the city of Mecca is located in Africa since it is one of the pillars of the Arab world, but actually this city is in Asia, in the region known as Saudi Arabia, Middle East.

Mecca attracts millions of tourists every year, mucho9s of which organize their trips for religious reasons, and others simply enjoy the scenery and the curiosity generated by the corner most famous of this city, the mosque toward which to pray every day millions of Muslims around the world, and more specifically to the Kaabaa piece of meteorite covered with a gold embroidered black cloth, which says that the Patriarch built abrhám and his son Ismael. Muslims who organized their trip must give seven turns around and try to touch the stone with their hands.

Very near to this place you can visit the city of Yeda, where is the most important port of the country and in which is says that the tomb of Eve, the first of the women of the world that God created is. Until the 1970s it was possible to visit this archaeological site, but Muslim authorities ordered sealed with cement the entrance to prevent the pilgrims to pray at the Tomb, thus breaking the tradition that commands every Muslim to pray towards Mecca.

Near Mecca is also the well of Zamzam, where it is believed that God revealed to Hagar a water source that prevent the death of his son Ishmael, father of all the Muslim people. The faithful believe that the water of this well is blessed by God and has special properties.

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